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Group Info

:bulletblue: Chatroom is open!
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:bulletblue: Joining
If you would like to join our group please click "Join". Joining is automatically approved.

:bulletblue: About the Group
This Group Belongs to the Kingdom Hearts OCs. We only Accept arts that have KH OCs in them. The OC can be anything from Heartless, Nobodies, Humans, etc... Any OC that is made for Kingdom Hearts are accepted here!
~ :iconsoramewla-plz: ~

:bulletblue: Gallery Folders
Please make sure that you are submitting art in the correct order. Otherwise it will be declined and you will be asked to submit in the correct folder. All arts that have only KH character in them will be declined. You can always submit an art that has a cannon character along with the KH OC of yours.

Mature art is accepted but you must flag them properly and you are following the DA rules. Otherwise the art will be declined.

Submission is unlimited and are subjected to vote. All arts must be submitted in the correct folder to avoid delays. If you are unsure where to put your art please do not hesitate in asking the admin. :D

If you would like us to add a folder please let one of the admins know and we will get to it as soon as possible!

If by any chance something is not working (such as the folders) please inform us immediately and we will fix it right away.

All level of artwork is welcome here!

:star: The feature Folder is reserved for the winners of contest and the Events.

:bulletblue: Events and Contests
Before you Participate you must Enter them in this Journal.

Information on the Events and Contests will be found here xxkingdomheartsocxx.deviantart…

:bulletblue:Etiquette & Rules
Be nice to one another. Not all of us share the same opinion.

Please do not copy others ideas, but use them as inspiration. If you want to use Someone's OC please let them know before hand.

All of us where once beginners; even you. So please do not put down others arts because in your own eyes it might be better. That is not right. Do not be rude to the other members. if you want to critique an art, give them constructive criticisms. :iconheartlessmeowplz: :icontransparentplz::iconheartlessdummyplz: :icontransparentplz::iconheartlesslaplz::iconheartlessmeowplz:

We are always open to suggestion for the group to become better. Send your suggestions in the Group Notes.
Founded 3 Years ago
Jan 22, 2013


Group Focus
Kingdom Hearts

503 Members
496 Watchers
21,934 Pageviews
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Current Events and Contest

:bulletblue: Special Event: Month of Giving :bulletblue:
Rules here! xxkingdomheartsocxx.deviantart…


:bulletblue: Contest 7 :bulletblue:

If you are new please view this journal before you participate in the contest xxkingdomheartsocxx.deviantart…




Hey everybody, your founder Bana here, I'm ... yeah. I'm late. ^^;

Now, I'm sure you've noticed that if you submitted an entry FOR ANYWHERE in the group, it might have expired or denied.

If it has been EXPIRED: Please, please, plese resubmit! ESPECIALLY IF IT'S THE CURRENT EVENT ENTRY.

If it has been DENIED: You submitted to the wrong folder. Now, I could take the next 3 hours going in and submitting the art myself, BUT I would like the CORRECT submissions in the correct folders. There were sooo many that did not match, that it's a bit disconcerning on behalf of our staff.

The original deadline for the "Current Event" was February 2nd, but due to ... complications.





Summary: For this event, you will draw/write a short story/craft your OC doing what your PERSONALLY, BIGGEST NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION</u>. This means, for example, my (me as a real person) wants to eat healthier, go skiing, travel the worlds, or draw more, I'd draw Bana doing just that or write a short story about her dedicating to it or craft such as sculpt a clay statue of Bana drawing or eating healthy food.

Note: If you PERSONALLY don't have a resolution, draw/write/craft your OC doing what THEY COULD DO AS THEIR RESOLUTION. Another example for this is: I don't have a resolution, but Bana could be more friendly to other OCs, so I would do one of the above, and portray her being friendly with another OC or a group or whatever.

I hope this instruction is basic enough; but if there are any questions, please refer to the Rules below this statement or ask in the Comment Section below. :)

:bulletblack: Your OC must be in our "OC Ranking System Journal." If your OC isn't in the journal before the deadline ALONG with an entry, you cannot participate.
:bulletblack: Your OC MUST be Kingdom Hearts related AND in the above rule stated first.
:bulletblack: Frankdolling, Copies/Altered artwork, Base maker images, and Plagiarized works will not be accepted and will immediately disqualify you from the event.
:bulletblack: Reports of abuse towards other members will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the group. We are a respectable community and only want positive vibes.
:bulletblack: You are allowed to enter MORE THAN ONE ENTRY in this event, whether it's the same Kingdom Hearts OC or a different Kingdom Hearts OC you own, but they must follow the first guidelines stated above.
:bulletblack: Canon characters IN the entry WITH your OC are acceptable and appreciated. Please credit Kingdom Hearts with Square Enix as the characters are copyrighted.
:bulletblack: Entries of OTHER DEVIANTS' KINGDOM HEARTS OC are not allowed. It must be YOUR OWN OC.
:bulletblack: Canon-only artwork will not be accepted in this event or in this group. We love and respect Kingdom Hearts, but we are an OC-focus group.
:bulletblack: Any issues not mentioned here will also be in our "Rules Journal."


Draw on!!
More Journal Entries


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Uu-hime Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hey, uhh, I submitted my OC into the right folder but the request expired...?
Bana-Daiya Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Apologies. If you would be so kind to resubmit it, we will gladly fix the problem. Us admins have been busy and a bit on hiatus ^^; I'm sorry.
Uu-hime Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Student Digital Artist
It's cool, no worries. Just wasn't sure what was going on
Miraiikino Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016  Professional Writer
It's been a while since I've been stuck within the grasps of the Kingdom Hearts Fandom/Community (Ah the memories... for all the sins of nine-year-old self did... Terrible as it was. ^^;) Nonetheless, I've been thinking and planning out a few Kingdom Hearts OCs!
Yet, being "renewed" to the fandom (Supposedly I haven't watched as much "Let's Plays" or "Walkthroughs", but I think I have the basics...) I'm totally thinking of making my two OCs real!
Can't wait to meet all of those OCs here and their fellow creators!
(and make new buds too! :nod:)
Bana-Daiya Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Welcome to the group, Mirai! :D I'm sorry this comment/greeting is past due, but thank you for joining! :) We do have a grand selection of OCs and creators and I hope you enjoy your time. :)
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