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If you would like to join our group please click "Join". Joining is automatically approved.

:bulletblue: About the Group
This Group Belongs to the Kingdom Hearts OCs. We only Accept arts that have KH OCs in them. The OC can be anything from Heartless, Nobodies, Humans, etc... Any OC that is made for Kingdom Hearts are accepted here!
~ :iconsoramewla-plz: ~

:bulletblue: Gallery Folders
Please make sure that you are submitting art in the correct order. Otherwise it will be declined and you will be asked to submit in the correct folder. All arts that have only KH character in them will be declined. You can always submit an art that has a cannon character along with the KH OC of yours.

Mature art is accepted but you must flag them properly and you are following the DA rules. Otherwise the art will be declined.

Submission is unlimited and are subjected to vote. All arts must be submitted in the correct folder to avoid delays. If you are unsure where to put your art please do not hesitate in asking the admin. :D

If you would like us to add a folder please let one of the admins know and we will get to it as soon as possible!

If by any chance something is not working (such as the folders) please inform us immediately and we will fix it right away.

All level of artwork is welcome here!

:star: The feature Folder is reserved for the winners of contest and the Events.

:bulletblue: Events and Contests
Before you Participate you must Enter them in this Journal.

Information on the Events and Contests will be found here xxkingdomheartsocxx.deviantart…

:bulletblue:Etiquette & Rules
Be nice to one another. Not all of us share the same opinion.

Please do not copy others ideas, but use them as inspiration. If you want to use Someone's OC please let them know before hand.

All of us where once beginners; even you. So please do not put down others arts because in your own eyes it might be better. That is not right. Do not be rude to the other members. if you want to critique an art, give them constructive criticisms. :iconheartlessmeowplz: :icontransparentplz::iconheartlessdummyplz: :icontransparentplz::iconheartlesslaplz::iconheartlessmeowplz:

We are always open to suggestion for the group to become better. Send your suggestions in the Group Notes.
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Jan 22, 2013


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Kingdom Hearts

465 Members
465 Watchers
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Current Events and Contest

:bulletblue: Event 18 :bulletblue:

If you are new please view this journal before you participate in the event xxkingdomheartsocxx.deviantart…

:bulletblack: ENTRY IS CLOSED; VOTING IS IN PROCESS. MEMBER VOTES ONLY. xxkingdomheartsocxx.deviantart…


:bulletblue: Contest 7 :bulletblue:

If you are new please view this journal before you participate in the contest xxkingdomheartsocxx.deviantart…



Hey guys! Sorry for the 2 day delay. Enough horsing around!

In Event 18's theme, it was ...

~Make your OC as a Mythical Creature; must have a downside from OC's perspective. (Ex: Turned into a Mermaid; hates sharks. Turned into a Harpy, but afraid of Heights)~

This time, we're gonna vote a little differently. Instead of 1 VOTE PER PERSON, You're going to pick TWO! Please choose your vote based on quality, the base of the theme, and effort. If you can't decide more than one, that's fine. However, making  full 2 vote count will effectively raise chances for everyone! :D

Here are the entries!

1. Mori KH Event18 by Dark-Momento-Mori 2. Enya Crumbling Away by Loralata
3. Verica and Shade Lets have a taste. by Kairi098 4. Raven Event 18 entry by RavenxRiku
5. Patria Event 18- Patria the Jorogumo by KristenKHVerne 6. Aru Aru Petrikov Sucubo by AruOwlsArts

*Rules on Voting*
:bulletred: Please do not pick your own entry.
:bulletorange: Please do not bribe or encourage people to vote for your entry. You will be disqualified. Votes are counted by the viewer's personal interest.
:bulletyellow: If an entry appears copied, altered by original owner, or plagerized, please report immediately.
:bulletgreen: Voting Deadline is September 9th by 11:59A MST. If you are unsure about the time difference in your region, look it up here:…



In our last journal stating what we can do as a community, we appeared to have less public opinion than we expected. We would like everyone who can join in on the debate on what we could do. As a reminder, we mentioned possibilities such as a weekly Theme Chat, Featuring non-member artwork, and etc.

Please express your opinion as openly as possible. If you fear being targeted by other members and it is featured on the comments or your personal messaging, please report to us for we will take action. We are a free community where OCs and their members are welcomed and should never experience harassment or hate.

Thank you for reading and your time!
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Otakusuke Featured By Owner Edited Aug 28, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer
I've got my own KH storyline going. But I need some help with some worlds for him to go through. I was going to use someDisney movies as is Kingdom Hearts tradition, but I want some fitting animes to use. Any ideas?
shadow-bahar Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
well it depends on your OC and how you want to continue your story. 
i haven't watched that many Anime, the only two that i watched are Naruto and Deadman wonderland (actually this one was manga) . Deadman wonderland is very violent though but Naruto seems to be alright. but since i dont know that many anime and i haven't read your story so i can't help you as much as i should ^^; but there are so many anime out there that can be used for stories and such. sometimes reading a bit of wiki on the anime might help you decide if you want to use that or not :) 
oh..i guess pokemon and digimon is also anime..i've watched the first couple of seasons and things are so different now. and dragon ball too..(but i don't remember this one well..i watched it a very long time ago) 
Otakusuke Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer
Alright, well let me give you some info then. For those who've played 'til the end of the first game there is a location called End of the World where fragments of worlds go when its heart is taken. In this cascade of darkness and debris several world fragments collide and begin to pull in others. This in turn creates a world in a world. Now stick with me 'cause I'm doing a little fishing here.

This world, although new was born from fragments of other worlds and as such it has no heart of its own. But with each world lies fragmented memories, instances of the life that lived among each, enough to create a consciousness close to when Roxas was born and left standing in front of the Twilight town mansion. This naturally occurring Frankenstein's monster world, then builds an extension of itself, a representative. This in turn becomes my OC. After being swept from both these worlds by a traveling Keyblade knight he subconsciously goes on building a heart through the memories he makes as he travels about the vast worlds.

Holy crap I did the existence of Kingdom Hearts backwards! Holy crap my OC is like the somebody version of the χ-blade!:o (Eek) 

i.e. Somebodies are people who have there mind, body and heart in place. Basically anyone not a heartless, nobody,unversed or dream eater.

Oh, but I did plan on writing non anime characters as well like some cool creatures by a one trancy MICK and something called a synx, but I can't figure out who the creator of them is. There is a name that keeps popping up though, Chimerasynx.
LunarPixieWillow Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  New Deviant
Thank you for letting me join! It makes me happy cx <3
Bana-Daiya Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
We're happy to have you! :D I hope you enjoy the content we, and the community, brings to you! :D
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