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Group Info

:bulletwhite: About the Group :bulletblack:

We are a group that is dedicated towards OCs created for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. All works featured will pertain to anything KHOC related. The OCs can be anything from Heartless, Nobodies, Humans, etc... Any OCs that are made for Kingdom Hearts are accepted here!

If you would like to join our group please click "Join". Joining is automatically approved.

:bulletblack: Gallery Folders :bulletwhite:

Please make sure that you are submitting art in the correct order. Otherwise it will be declined and you will be asked to submit again to the correct folder.

All submissions that contain only canon KH characters in them will be declined. You can always submit a deviation that has a cannon character along with the KH OC of yours.

Mature art is accepted but you must flag them properly, following the DA rules. Otherwise the art will be declined. Remember, not everyone will be okay with seeing mature themes in their notifications without proper flagging.

Submissions are unlimited. However, delays may be made where necessary to prevent our member's notifications from getting flooded.

All level of artwork is welcome here! We don't discriminate based on ability, so don't be embarrassed to put up something of yours. However, the following will not be accepted:

*Copy/Paste Official Logo/Artwork
*Doll Maker Screenshots
*Recolored Screenshots/Recolored Artwork
*KH-related Journals
*Link-Only Videos/Art
*Dump Sketches
*Art on Notebook Paper
*Penciled Drawings/Doodles

Generally, it must be art and it must be created by your own hand. It should also at least be presented decently, regardless of content quality.

The "Featured" Folder is reserved for the winners of contests and the Events.
The "2nd Featured" Folder is reserved for participating entries of previous contests and Events.
Do not submit to these folders, we will move the winning submissions ourselves. We know that it is the default option, so be careful not to submit to it by mistake. There are no consequences for it, other than delaying the process of accepting your submission.

:bulletwhite: Etiquette and Rules :bulletblack:

Treat each other with respect, even if you have different opinions. Rude behavior and mean-spirited conduct will not be tolerated, and may result in removal from the group.

Please do not copy others' ideas, but use them as inspiration. If you want to use someone else's OC, please get their permission first. They may even be willing to help you with what you're doing.

This group accepts art, regardless of skill or quality, as long as it's for OCs. Even if you think your art is better, putting people down is absolutely unacceptable. Do not comment on anyone's submissions, comments, or profiles with insults, heckling, or disparaging remarks. If you want to critique something, please be constructive about it. Encouraging one another's growth as an artist is a good thing.

If you find another member is not treating you with the proper respect covered in the rules, please report the behavior to an admin so that the situation may be resolved.

We as admins will deal with any intolerable behavior as we deem necessary. Reactions may range from receiving a warning to being banned from the group. Our objective is to create an environment where members can meet and interact with others peacefully. We will carry out punishments where needed to defend this.

:bulletred: We are always open to suggestion for the group to become better. Please send your suggestions in a note to the group.
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Jan 22, 2013


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Kingdom Hearts

563 Members
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Current Events Prompt Note


Event 30: Free For All! xxkingdomheartsocxx.deviantart…

Status: Open to Members

Deadline: December 22nd,, 2017

***Members Only; Must be a Member of the Group

Have suggestions for future events? Suggest them here.

11.09.17: Hey everyone! Happy November! This is just a reminder that this Current Event is still ongoing, and they may not be listed here, but if you want to enter Holiday-themed entries for this, it's totally acceptable!



10.13.17: I'm a couple days late, but not because of absence, but cuz it's that time of year again! ^^; These next 3 months all have holidays and to commemorate this, this Event is pre-picked and set until December 22nd!

It's been a good year and instead of voting for one Event Theme, you (the participants) can pick WHICH EVER THEME YOU WANT TO DO FOR THIS EVENT!

:bulletred: Minimum: 1 Entry. Maximum: THREE entries per participant will be taken. Please state in the title or Artist's description what Event Theme you chose along with putting : iconXxKingdomHeartsOCxX : (without spaces) in there as well.
:bulletred: Entries must be final draft works. They must be colored OR monotone-colored. Backgrounds are not necessary.
:bulletred: Late entries will not be accepted. This event is lasting 9 weeks. Plenty of time.
:bulletred: Entries must be original and new. Please do not copy, frankendoll, or steal previous entries or others' artwork for your benefit. Suspension and ban from the group will strike immediately if found or reported.
:bulletred: All entries from one participant can be all the same Event Theme style or completely different from each other.

Below are the suggestion choices and all entries will not count against what this Event is. This is XxKHOCxX's first Free For All! So if a previous event wasn't to your liking, here's your chance to draw exactly what you want!

Have your KH OC(s) dressed in a Cultural attire

Have your KH OC(s) winning an Award for  BEST "Insert Title Here"

Have your KH OC(s) ready for a Season or all the Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)

Make your KH OC(s) into a Nobody//Somebody//Heartless


Make your KH OC(s) in a Uniform (School, Work, Military, etc.)

Make your KH OC(s) handling a WEIRD Situation (Something that they NEVER would be in, but it happened.)

Make your KH OC(s) in an A DIFFERENT ART STYLE

Make your KH OC(s) into THEIR FAVORITE OBJECT (Ex: Animate them into a camera, pencil, etc.)

Draw your KH OC(s) IN A BAND (Genre Music covers all; Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Indie, etc.)

Make your KH OC(s) in the Star Wars Universe

Have your KH OC(s) dressed in a canon Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy character's outfit

Have your KH OC(s) experiencing their biggest regret(s)

Make your KH OC(s) dance as if no one is watching

Have your KH OC(s) dressed in an outfit designed after a Heartless/Nobody/Dream Eater

Have your KH OC(s) engaged in battle

Have your KH OC(s) accomplish their life's goal/dream

Have your KH OC(s) and (canon/non-canon friends) pose as a team

Have your KH OC(s) spend their summer in another world

Make your KH OC(s) into a fantasy creature

Have your KHOC(s) visit another world for their summer vacation

Make your KHOC(s) a fantasy creature

Have your OC meet another OC for the first time

Have your OC dressed to go on a first date

Have your OC use your keyblade's abilities

More Journal Entries


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DinoArt65 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Student Artist
Hi. I have a couple of events I would like to suggest for the summer. I have the time to do art pieces now. 
1. Characters spending their summer on a different world
2. Characters as a fantasy creature
3. Characters dressed as a hero from Marvel or DC
NebulaGregarZX Featured By Owner Edited May 1, 2017  Student General Artist
Thank you for your suggestions. The place to make them would be this journal here:

Contest Theme Suggestions

I'll be sure to add yours to the list, but in the future, please remember to put your suggestions in the right place. We're not holding any events, but that's probably going to change soon. Look out for a journal about voting for the new event theme.
DinoArt65 Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Student Artist
Sorry. I couldn't find that journal. I'll try to remember in the future. 

Right now I'm trying to work on a design/outfit for my characters if they were in the world of Moana. 
NebulaGregarZX Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Student General Artist
Don't worry about it too much, I'm just obligated to tell people the rules is all. ;D

Oh, but for the record, you're not allowed to use a drawing you already had made as a submission for an event. So you might have to do that again when the event comes up.
(1 Reply)
Emperor-Lelouch Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017
I just contributed my story but can't contribute my characters bio it's on my journal if you wanted to see
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